Welcome! I am very proud to announce my first "ArtLab for Futurology" commitment in Heerlen, the Netherlands, called "De dans van Lies en Jan". 

I have been invited by the municipality to conceive a project related to the history of the mines as a tribute to mineworkers. I can't explain how exciting this project will be and how glad I am to work with the mineworkers, students, and citizens of Heerlen for the first "première", after one and half years of investigative work behind the scenes. "Lange Lies en lange Jan" have for decades been the most important symbol of the mine industry of the city of Heerlen: two chimney stacks about 135m high (442 feet). I built a concept around " Lies and Jan" as a tribute to mineworkers: I wanted it definitely focused on the notion of Future BUT with respect for the mine industry's History and of course the mineworkers.


This project combines all my interests: Art, Futurology, Science, Art education, participative Art and crossover mediums. Everything we need to become more aware about our surrounding. I invite citizens to become conscientious about themselves and all the new paradigms and radical changes we can actually feel coming: sustainability, A.I. (Artificial Intelligence), global warming, migrations, identity issues. Do we have solutions?  I propose to redefine local strategies through an open and democratic process. Art makes us stronger; Art makes us feel active and responsible.


So what will happen?

Phase 1: a bus will travel in several areas of Heerlen. Inside, the bus are tools like cameras, and a sound recording studio. I will work with students from Arcus College (High School). We will film and photograph discussions between mineworkers and young people. We will make a documentary about the process.

Phase 2 : a 10 meters high sculpture in public space, "Lange Lies en Lange Jan" representing the DNA of Heerlen. We will see engraved portraits of citizens and mineworkers inside the DNA structure.


We will start in March and work until June 2018 on the first part of the project. Stay in tune. Best regards,

An impression of the first three days of the filmshooting van “De dans van Lies en Jan, tribute to mineworkers” in Heerlen. I had so much pleasure to work with my film crew /students Arcus college Heerlen. Instead of “students”, I can proudly say that I worked with young professionals. Very impressive to see that they handled this first step very seriously, that was a urge commitment in term of logistic and organisation. Roel Willems and Bas Sterenberg, teacher and coordinator, can be proud too.

 I also worked at Bernardinus college in Heerlen in partnership with Nathalie Crapanzano as coordinator, which mean a lot to me : this is also her project because of her involvement since the beginning of the process/concept. Always fine to have very good advices and see a strong vision from a skilled and talented woman in the field of education.

The collaboration goes smooth and easy in partnership with Emiel Schung, cameraman.

 We had the chance to be hosted by Hans in his bus, we all felt like home with him, thank you.

Merci L1TV, L1 radio, the newspaper "de Limburger", photographer Luc Lodder, Dani Sylvia for the nice reportage, thank you for  putting my crew in the lightspot.


The spirit of the region is coming. We spontaneously filmed people and old minworkers in the street but also in the bus. Health, sustainability, politics, the work as mineworkers, technology, future, stories of the past, based on my Monopoly games that I especially designed for the project, that was a big party. I’d like to thank all the participants for helping me to make the first step of my project possible. See you in April.


Pic 8-19: Dani Sylvia.

Pic 20-23: Nathalie Crapanzano


TV reportage ( Dutch langage)

Article De Volkskrant ( Bart Dirks) / De Limburger ( Siebrand Vos)-Picture Luc Lodder





De mijnen en de mijnwerkers hebben Heerlen gevormd. Heerlen was de economische motor van Nederland en in de samenleving was sprake van een sterke sociale cohesie. Na de sluiting van de mijnen volgde een transitiefase, maar nu richt Heerlen zich weer vooral op de toekomst. Er is natuurlijk geen toekomst zonder verleden. Het is daarom belangrijk om het verleden door te geven aan de huidige en toekomstige generaties.


Kunstenaar Jean-Michel Crapanzano gaat begin 2018 in opdracht van gemeente Heerlen een project uitvoeren om de mijngeschiedenis te verbinden met de toekomst. Samen met studenten van het Arcuscollege gaat hij met een bus de wijken in. In dit rijdend atelier kunnen oud-mijnwerkers en wijkbewoners elkaar ontmoeten. Aan de hand van een spel worden ervaringen uit het verleden gedeeld en ideeën over de toekomst opgeroepen. De studenten leggen dit vast en de beelden worden verwerkt tot een film. Ook verwerkt Jean-Michel de bevindingen in een blijvend kunstwerk als eerbetoon aan het mijnverleden.

Wil jij deel uitmaken van dit project? Heb je foto’s, filmpjes of voorwerpen uit de mijntijd? Of wil je je ervaringen en ideeën delen en een bezoek brengen aan de atelierbus? Meld je dan aan via dedansvanliesenjan@gmail.com.


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