The area of Pizzo Sella in Palermo is known for its "ghost village" illegally built by the Maffia on the top of a protected natural area. After research, it was proved that the major of Palermo himself who gaves the building permit was also a member of the Maffia.

"Invisible empire : psycho-metamorphosis", Kuepersart gallery, Heerlen, 2014. Multimedia installation, photography and performance.


Local politicians of the area of heerlen were invited to play the "Futurostopia games" in front of citizens and the media. The principle was to let politicians debate about sensitive local and international subjects known for their "behind the scene issues". Citizens were invited to react during the debate. I realised a wall collage based on the reaction of the public.

On the wall : photography about Palermo/Pizzo Sella. Each photo : 60X90cm.