Ex-voto is a serie of photography portraits which depict the diversity of citizens in several regions of Europe. Artist-photographer Jean-Michel Crapanzano realized and captured with sensibility their history and their remembrances.


Concept ex-voto : citizens from all age and nationalities pose with objects who represent an important moment of their life, who describe their psychological state of mind of the moment. These objects are choose for their emotional aura's. This project is still actual.

Between art and live performance, Ex-voto is about people, history, sharing, discoveries and exchanges. People realize also their own ex-voto during workshops and photocessions.


For all inquiries about Ex-Voto workshops & prices: studio.jm.crapanzano@gmail.com

Max. 10 person per group, one day of shooting, half day for post-production.


About Ex-Voto ( Source: Wikipedia) : an ex-voto is a voting offering to a Saint or Divinity. It is given in fulfillment of a vow or in gratitude or devotion. Ex-Voto's are placed in a church or chapel where the worshipper seeks grace or wishes to give thanks. The destination of pilgrimages often include shrines decorated with Ex-Voto's.


The serie "Ex-Voto" has been supported and sponsored by :


La Maison de l'Architecture Lorraine-FR


Huis voor de Kunst Roermond-NL


City of Heerlen-NL


European Council


Het Raam Foundation Venlo-NL


The Limburger newspaper-NL


Chapeau magazine-NL


Le Republicain Lorrain newspaper-FR


RTV Roermond TV-NL




"Invisible empire : Ex-Voto Hoensbroek" the Netherlands, 2014.

 Support: City of heerlen, one year traject with citizens of the area of Hoensbroek.

 Citizens created their own "Ex-Voto". Exhibition: film video 25', video installation and photography on dibond 60X90cm.


A few pictures during workshops..

Workshop "Ex-Voto the spirit of Palermo", Italia, part of the European program "Focus on Youth : how to promote social inclusion through photography"

20 participants from Europe.

Organisators : Bond of Union palermo / Metamatrix ArtLab foundation