FUTUROSTOPIA is a concept of mobile exhibitions. After spending more than a decade working on the serie of exhibition's "Invisible Empire", 2015 is the beginning of a new adventure : the story telling of the artist as explorer of parallel universes. This fictionnal journey is based and will explore the recent scientific researches through the prism of Art, Sociology and Futurology.


The idea: the presentation of the logbook of Jean-Michel Crapanzano as fictitious explorer who lives 300 years in the future. This character have no body anymore : he's a conscience living in a connected ""Soul", remembering the times when he was "Jean-Michel Crapanzano", between 1973 and just before he quits the Earth inside one of the first engine capable of travelling through dimensions. The character will describe the political, economical and sociological situations before he disapeard, both with his situation as "Conscience".


This logbook will take forms as drawings, video's , texts and essays, publications, installations, performances and films.



Researches on paper... a few pics from the studio.

Silkscreen print, edition of 7.