Roadmap to Utopia part I

►Portraits of mineworkers in France and the Netherlands after the shutting down of the mine industry during the 80's and the 90's.

►Concept/scenario/art direction/realisation: Jean-Michel Crapanzano

►Camera: Vincent Lavigne / Jean-Michel Crapanzano

►Sound interviews: Ivo Bemelmans

►Soundtrack music:
.....drum : Jeremy Crapanzano
.....guitar: Jean-Michel Crapanzano
Sound engineer music : Angelo Bombrini

Thanks:   videowork "Pier" Copyright Toon Hezeman
Drone videoshooting Eschweiller :
Digital drone videoshooting: Google Earth Pro

This project is made possible throught "Stichting Jaar van de Mijnen 2015" and Provincie of Limburg-NL



ROADMAP TO UTOPIA  is a film documentary about mineworkers from two regions, in France and in the Netherlands, after the shutting down of the mine industry. A meeting between two groups of old mineworkers will show the differencies and the similarities of the two situations after the fall of "christians paternalism" and the rise of a new world based on liberalism instead of paternalism.


The family de Wendel is the link between la vallee de la Fensch in France and Heerlen in the Netherlands.

The film will follow several characters and describe the situation from the 60's to the 80's compared to the situation now.

Mine workers from France

Mine workers from The Netherlands

Location's research in France