Scenario / Author / Film direction : Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Project in development



OUTER LIFE  is a film documentary dealing with the urban mythological figure of the "Alien". Litterally : Alien's form of outer life. Symbolically : the "Other", those we don't know, indistinguively. Science-fiction and horror movies often depict agressive Alien's bombing or abducting human's, stealing human's soul, eating of making strange experiments with them. A few movie describe possible encounters or partnership between Alien's and Human, like "Encounter of the third kind" of Steven Spielberg or "Contact" of Robert Zemeckis.


Therefore, the figure of the Alien is probably a mental representation about our own behaviour : human are afraid, or can't deal with concept of the "Unknown". Conspiracies's theorists think that the movie industry spread the Alien's icone in the media masses to provoke fear and to ridiculize people who ask questions about extra terrestrial forms of life. Conspiracy theorist's think that Alien's are already living on Earth and that Governments hide the truth about their partnership with Aliens.




The film will confront several point of view: 

. A scientific approach consider outer-life as possible. Astro-physicians discovered several exo-Planets ( planets out of our Solar system) hosting potential form of life and


. A religious approach seems to be more reluctant to the subject. Some religions consider outer life as possible, but most of the time, Religions neglect and deny theses


. Conspiracy theories: Alien's are shaped in many form as possible. They come from other solar systems, they have been visiting us since prehistoric times. Some species

  actually control the World through occults organisation : they control Governments and Politic's and use power to enslave the human race.