Scenario/author/film direction: Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Producer : Buzz media/ Guido Franken

Metamatrix ArtLab foundation.

Project in development.


DON'T FORGET THAT I AM ALIVE is a film documentary about Jerry Lansana Diare, political refugee from Guinee, and James Harris from Sierra Leone in Africa. Jerry lives in Heerlen in the Netherlands. Begin 2001 Jerry and James Harris met each other in an Asylum Seekers Centre in Heerlen.

Traumatized from what they have been through as child soldiers, they tried to start a new life in the Netherlands – from fear, despair and death towards hope, perspectives and life – and became friends. Now, fourteen years later, Jerry lives on his own, has a simple apartment and kind of an income. Harris is not more than a number at a graveyard. He committed suicide after he received a letter from the Dutch government who said that he haven't the right to stay as citizens in the Netherlands anymore.  No living person anymore, not even a human being, just a number.


Number 338.


Like many other refugees.


DON'T FORGET THAT I AM ALIVE will depict the story of the friendship between Jerry and James through their common experience of being forced to leave their countries, their families and their values. The tragic loss of James Harris will be described, both with the story of the two friends: the political and economical context in Guinee and Sierra Leone, wars and colonialism, traditions and values.. Their story will be related to the actual migrants tragedies.


James Harris has a daughter.


May this film restaure the name and the dignity of James Harris. We wants to provide James a decent gravestone. May this film achieve this goal.

Pictures during the realisation of the teaser of the film. The entire movie has NOT YET begun, but we shooted a 1'30 teaser.

Camera crew : Vincent Offermans/Glasbak, Raymond ( drone videoshooting)

Sound engeneer : Ivo Bemelmans

Jerry at home. James Harris and his daughter.