"From Nowhere"

Concept-curator: Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Sluice_2015 London

"Undefined spaces"Van Abbe museum, Eindhoven-NL-2009

Curator : Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Artists: Brian Balderston ( New-York), Chad Stayrook ( New-York), Jose Ruiz ( New-York), Rachel Wilberforce ( London), Julia Boix-Vives (FR), Karin van Pinxteren(NL)

Guest curator : Rose Lejeune ( London)



‘Invisible Empire : Undefined Spaces’ is a virtual territory that allows art to propose new ways of societal living in order to escape heavy-handed cultures. It is a virtual arena of tension within our subconscious, our true form of spirit and the uncontrollable sphere of influence. This critical stance embraces interactivity and all forms of virtual partnership within physical and undefined domains.

The term ‘no man’s land’ is generally accepted as an unlimited combat area in between two enemy trenches. It is a space that neither side openly wishes to occupy or take control of due to the fear of being attacked in the process. It is also a term for unoccupied land or more specifically, an area that is under dispute between parties and abandoned due to fear or uncertainty. Metaphorically, the concept of no man’s land allows us to explore the perception of this ominous and obtuse phrase. ‘Invisible Empire : Undefined Spaces’ is a project that inquires into this narrow mental process while questioning governing traditions that structure citizens, lifestyles and beliefs.


Jean-Michel Crapanzano is interested in the ‘invisible part of the artist’s practice’, the preliminary conceptual phases and in particular the moment of creation. The project will promote an open dialogue with artists, curators and audience in order to expose these invisible processes.


‘Invisible Empire : Undefined Spaces’ is made up of workshops, interviews, exhibitions and events. The workshop will be an experimental period where artists can exchange and share ideas and working practices. The curator/s and a commissioned filmmaker will follow the artists both individually and as a group to document the progress and development of work (and practices) over the course of the project. This self-reflexive and creative process will feed into and become a part of the project as a whole. This platform enables an extension of the individual artistic practice and creates a dynamic process of interaction between artists, curators, audience and documentary forms.

Your-space is a platform of the Van Abbemuseum, for artists, (artist)initiatives, (cultural)activists and others interested in progressive and contemplative expression forms. Your-space reforms and presents identity.

kanaalstraat 8
5611 CT Eindhoven

Van Abbemuseum/Your-Space



"ZAPPING" Daglicht Eindhoven-NL

Exhibition at Strijp-S

Concept-curator-artistic director : Jean-Michel Crapanzano

One week of workshops, interviews and exhibition.