Jean-Michel Crapanzano

Born in France, 1973, live and work in Heerlen, the Netherlands.


Graduation :

Master art, academie of fine art, Strasbourg (FR)

Master teacher of art and design, Academie of Visual Art, Maastricht (NL)


Director- curator-founder of Metamatrix ArtLab Foundation :


Board Member of Berlinerpool, Berlin, G


Through video, photography, performances and installations, « Invisible empire » have been supported and have been committed by these art institutions, museums and galeries (among others) :


Raid project gallery Los Angeles, USA

Bronx River art center New-york, USA

Arlington art center Washington D.C., USA

Armory show art fair New-York, USA

Van abbe museum/Your-Space, Eindhoven, NL

Armory show New-York, USA

Art fair international, Cologne, G

Mondriaan fonds/Kunst-podium-t/Kop art center Breda, NL

7th Bieniale of photography and visual art, Liege, B

Mac 2000 art fair, Paris, FR

Museum of contemporary art le Casino, Luxemburg, L

A.A.F. art fait bruxelles, B

Museum of contemporary art schunck, Heerlen, NL

BuroBK art center, Vlissingen, NL

Signe Art Center, Heerlen, NL

Kappur gallery, Tilburg NL

Sluice Art Fair New-York, USA

Sluice Art Fair London, E

Furthermore gallery Washington DC, USA

Gallery RFD, Swainsboro, USA

Fundament Foundation / De Pont Museum, Tilburg, NL

Huis voor de Kunst, Roermond, NL

Artco gallery, Aachen, G

International Art Fair, Cologne, represented by ArtCo gallery.


Art Residency:

2004- Los Angeles, grant Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles, Strasbourg / City of Strasbourg.

2010- Arlington Art Center, Washington D.C.

2016- KH Messen art center, Norway


Private and institutional collections FR, NL, U.S.A.